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Marketing Role

Child Impact International is looking for an experienced and hardworking Marketing Assistant to grow with the charity while managing all aspects of media and events. The position is located in the U.S. office in Ooltewah, Tennessee.

Less than $1 a day can provide a child with a brighter future and HOPE

Sponsorship Types

Child Impact International sponsors children in Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Zambia. If there are no children available for sponsorship, the Country Tab drop-down will show each available country and the number of children ready for sponsorship.

$25 per month
Day Students

Sponsorship includes Tuition, uniform, and book allowance for a day student attending a local day school.

$38 per month
Boarding Students

Sponsorship includes Tuition, boarding accommodations, food uniform, and book allowance for a boarder attending an Adventist Mission boarding school.

$48 per month
Orphan, Blind, and Deaf Students

Sponsorship includes Tuition, accommodations, food, uniform, and books. In addition, orphans receive full care in a home.

$65 per month
Tertiary Students

Sponsorship includes Tuition and books.