Choose your gift of HOPE and make your contribution to IMPACT the life and future of a child.

Help by donating to one of our most critical funds.

Coronavirus Emergency - Rice & Health Appeal

Help purchase rice and soap for children in India, Bangladesh, and Myanmar.

Where Needed Most

Help provide critical funding for programs and creates hope for kids living in poverty.

Bangladesh Building

Urgent building need for Bangladesh Mission School!


About Sponsorship

Sponsorship rates vary and start at just $25 per month.
That’s less than $1 per day. See how you can impact a child in need with our current sponsorship rates.

Sponsorship Types


Day Students

A day student attends a local day school.

Sponsorship includes Tuition and uniform & book allowance


Boarding Students

A boarder attends an Adventist Mission boarding school

Sponsorship includes Tuition, boarding accommodation, food & uniform & book allowance


Orphan, blind & deaf students

For blind & orphans the get tuition, accommodation, food, uniform & books. Orphans also get tuition, accommodation, food, uniform & books but full care in a home.


Tertiary Students

Books and tuition.


Nurse Scholarship

This is a scholarship for needy students to attend the Adventist Nursing college in Bangladesh. You are given a special child as sponsorship, but funds are pooled to ensure an equal scholarship to all poorer students.