New Childassist sponsorship!

Childassist is a new cost-effective sponsorship of a needy child for just $19 month. Two sponsors contribute evenly to the sponsorship of a needy boarder in an Adventist mission school. The joint sponsorship allows full boarding including accommodation, food & education. Both donors will receive letters & school reports and can write to their child. […]

Child Impact Children Graduate India

Sponsorship makes the difference as you can see with these graduations in India.

First class of Speech and Hearing Challenged Graduates

First class of Speech and Hearing Challenged Graduates from our India school for the deaf school graduating from Lowry Adventist College. It was a proud moment for all to witness the graduating ceremony of six of our children with speech and hearing challenges receiving their degrees (Bachelors of Commerce from Lowry Adventist College) in the […]

Lalitha Varma Honored on World Women’s Day

American author Harriet Beecher Stowe once said, “Women are the real architects of society.” Lalitha Varma, director of Sunrise Children’s Home India, is the embodiment of this quote. Lalitha has tirelessly loved child after child, year after year, for 30 years in the home she has created in Bobbili. Bobbili is located in rural Andra […]