About Child Sponsorship

Child sponsorship through Child Impact International is an eternal gift. It gives poor or disadvantaged children the opportunity to rise above poverty and fulfill their potential. It provides a chance for them to personally experience the love of Jesus in a Christian setting. Sponsorship links children with caring members of Child Impact International’s family of sponsors, empowering them to make a positive contribution to a child’s development.

Child Impact International’s extended family of over 6500 children is an exciting ministry. What better investment can there be than a child’s future? Like all families we sometimes experience rough waters. Circumstances change and sometimes children and sponsors leave our program. But like all families we persevere because there is no greater act than that of caring. Our blind, deaf, orphaned and poor children are living witnesses to this!

We do not give personal contact details to sponsored children and our child protection policy requires us to be careful in giving child information to sponsors, we do encourage communication through our country offices. Sponsors receive a letter from their child twice a year and an annual school report. Our children love direct contact from their sponsors and we pray that each child will hear from their sponsor at least once a year.

For information on how to address your letters and communication:

We have a range of flexible payment options available as well as a shortlist of children for whom we are seeking sponsorship.

If you would like to

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