Sponsorship Update

Our team at Child Impact has become increasingly aware that our current sponsorship rates have not kept pace with inflation. The leaders of the schools we support inform us that the sponsorship funds are falling short of what is needed. It has been several years since there has been an adjustment due to inflation. We try to hold costs down as much as possible but have come to the place where an increase in sponsorship rates is required to keep the schools open, maintain reasonable teacher-student ratios, and to ensure students receive the nutrition necessary to focus on their studies.

We have decided to reduce the number of sponsorship categories to two: Day Students and Boarding Students.

Current Day & Day+ Sponsors

DAY: Your rate will increase from $25/mo. to $32/mo. beginning in July 2022.
DAY+: Your rate will remain the same at $32/mo. No change is required.
Note: The current DAY+ category includes a meal (that is what the + means). Our goal is for every school that can provide a meal or nutritious snack to begin doing so for ALL sponsored students. Child Impact will provide a subsidy for schools that need additional financial support to provide a meal or snack through our Rice, Health, and Education Fund.

Current Boarder & Boarder+ Sponsors

BOARDER: Your rate will increase from $38/mo. to $45/mo. beginning in July 2022.
BOARDER+: Your rate will decrease from $48/mo. to $45/mo. No change is required.
Note: A BOARDER receives housing, tuition, plus meals. The BOARDER+ designates our special needs students. We have reduced this rate, not because our costs have gone down, but to simplify our sponsorship to two categories. The real costs of supporting a special needs child (Blind, Deaf, Orphans) is around $100 per child. Rather than setting such a high sponsorship rate, we have decided to subsidize this amount through our Blind, Deaf, and Orphan fund. For those already paying $48/mo., we hope that you will continue to do so, and we will transfer the additional $3/mo. per child into the Blind, Deaf, and Orphan fund. Child Impact will emphasize this critical fund during our Christmas appeal every year.

If you are not able to continue sponsoring your child(ren) at the adjusted rate, please call our office at (423) 910-0667. We can explore other options with you like the Where Needed Most Fund so that we can continue serving all the children in our sponsorship program. Please be patient with us in the process as Child Impact implements this change. We are here to serve these precious children as effectively as possible. Again, thank you for your generous support that provides hope every single day.