SPONSORSHIP ALERT: Due to Covid many schools have been closed for up to 12 months. We have not been able to check children. Some of the children below may not have had a recent field check. If you sponsor the child and we discover at a later date the child has not returned we will advise you & offer you a needy child from a similar background. Right now we continue to send funds to the
school as they need to fund teacher wages & we don’t want mission schools to close. Please contact us with any questions. Visit this link for the latest update

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COVID-19 Prayer Guide

Prayer is too important to neglect during this time of uncertainty caused by the fast-spreading coronavirus pandemic. We humbly ask you to join us in prayer to declare our dependence on God, ask Him to intervene and heal the sick, and pray for opportunities to serve others.
GC President

Child Impact in Myanmar with Ted Wilson, Adventist Church President

Child Impact International’s CEO Jim Rennie accompanied Pastor and Mrs. Wilson part of the trip. Pastor Wilson was impressed to learn that Child Impact sponsors nearly twenty percent of the children at the seminary, and stated that he is grateful for the services provided by Child Impact and its sponsors in countries like Myanmar.
Blind boy Ajith in India

Meet Ajith from the deaf school

Follow Ajith as he gives you a tour of his school, home, and community. First he will take you to the Adventist School for Speech and Hearing Impaired and show you where his ninth-grade classroom is. Then you’ll get a glimpse of Ajith getting his meal during lunch time. After school is over, he will take you to a small village near Kollegal, state of Karnataka in India, and show you the house he lives in.

First graduating class of Speech and Hearing-Challenged

It was a proud moment for all to witness the graduating ceremony of six students with speech and hearing challenges receiving their Bachelor of Commerce degree from Lowry Adventist College in the presence of their college family, parents, relatives and friends on April 7, 2018. They are the first class of speech and hearing-challenged students from our Child Impact School for the deaf in India.
family from Yoana Kota village

Yoana Meets His Sponsors

The Kota family had lived in a mud brick home that started falling apart and was no longer safe for the family to live in. The father built a small thatched hut home until they could afford something better. Yoana’s parents were day laborers and barely earning enough to provide for their family. Paying school tuition was out of the question.

Sunrise Home Is Growing

The local government is asking Sunrise Home to help with very young children who have been abandoned by their families on the edges of towns and in the tribal forest areas. These children have been neglected and left to run wild. As such,when they arrive at Sunrise Home they must be taught basic hygiene, clothing, and even how to eat from a plate.

Adventist School In Khurda

CEO Jim Rennie had the privilege of visiting one of the Adventist schools where Child Impact supports 150 children through sponsors in the United States. The Adventist school at Khurda has almost 1,200 students consisting of both boarders and day students and it is run very efficiently by Mr. Kumar, the principal, and his staff.