Child Impact Provides Bags of Rice to Flaiz Adventist College

Gratitude and appreciation was sent from Dr. Isaac Kumar Raju Nethala, President of Flaiz Adventist College (FAC), a primary and college boarding school in Andhra Pradesh, India. 


Due to COVID-19 the school is facing financial problems and staff have not received any wages for the past three months. As part of Child Impact International’s Rice appeal, each staff member was supplied with a sack of rice. In India alone, to-date Child Impact has distributed over 2,500 bags of rice to those in need. 


Through these images, Flaiz’s staff family are conveying their sincere thanks to the donors of Child Impact, for providing provisions in time of dire need. 


We invite you to partner with Child Impact in providing bags of rice during these unprecedented times. Click here to feed a family in need.  

Flaiz College staff family receive bags of rice from Child Impact
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