Child Sponsorship Update: Myanmar

Dear sponsor

I believe it is very important to keep you up-to-date and be totally honest with you regarding what is currently happening and what progress we are making in our ministry. The current situation and challenge we face is the greatest I have ever seen. Reality is that the pandemic is still dramatically impacting India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. It has been difficult to get factual information. The governments are constantly changing, but the situation remains unstable.

In some states of India, children over the age of 10 years are now allowed to attend school. The deaf and blind school as well as a few boarding schools have allowed children in upper grades to return. We are unsure of when the younger children, in lower grades, will be able to attend. While April looks promising, it may not be until June due to school holidays.

Children were set to return to school the end of March, when the government extended the closure another 3-4 weeks. Some of the boarding schools have children now attending because their parents cannot afford to feed them. The only choice they have is to go to school and eat there. Child Impact is giving full support to this feeding program.

As you have probably read in the news, Myanmar is involved in an army coup. Unfortunately, the situation is very grave, and death is on the rise. In most of the country there is an uprising against the army with continued violence. It has been communicated that some schools are operational, but where there is unrest, they remain closed. Sadly, communication by email is sporadic and telephone communication is difficult. Banks are closed. I am hopeful that our schools will reopen and resume studies. We are also confident that we will be able to provide them with funding in the next few months. The plan remains to review the country sponsorship program in 6 months, meanwhile all current sponsorship money we receive will go into a reserve fund and be sent to the schools when they are able to safely receive the funds. I ask that you continue to keep Myanmar in your prayers.
Nepal, Sri Lanka & Zambia

In Nepal, about 25% of the children have returned to school. At this time, we are unsure of the status of the one school we support in Sri Lanka. Riverside farms in Zambia is fully functional due to a low incidence of Covid.

I greatly appreciate the dedicated support and sponsorship donations for the children, even though many have not been able to attend school in over a year. Regrettably, we cannot guarantee that the money we send direct to children and food for their families are used for that purpose. We will continue to send funds and to help in any way we can. The sponsorship financial support will continue to the school your child attends so unpaid teachers may receive pay and the Adventist mission school do not permanently close. I feel we have a responsibility to do all we can to ensure that the Adventist mission schools can continue to operate during and after the pandemic.

I am asking for your support as we do our best to reach the children and to ensure these schools do not close.

I fully recognize the commitment you, as sponsors have made. Our request which we believe is in the best interest of your child is the follow continued support but there are two other options:

You can continue the support of your child through sponsorship with the understanding we are doing our best to get assistance to your child. If we are unable to deliver funds to your child, the funds will be held for their school specifically to ensure that they can cover overhead expense and remain open for your child. As soon as your child returns to school, we will update you on the progress moving forward. You do not need to take any action we will continue your sponsorship.

You can place your sponsorship on hold until the children return to school. Child Impact will continue to do our best to sponsor your child from the Unsponsored Child Fund until you are ready to re-activate your sponsorship. You would need to call us thank you.

You may cancel your sponsorship and we will continue to support the child from Child Impact’s Unsponsored Child Fund. You would need to call us.

This is a difficult process to manage. Accurate information is difficult to attain from remote areas as is getting funds transferred between banks and schools. It is also difficult to require our field staff to travel during this pandemic.

We seek your continued support and prayers in this difficult situation.

Jim Rennie CEO Child Impact International

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Child Sponsorship Update: Myanmar

I believe it is very important to keep you up-to-date and be totally honest with you regarding what is currently happening and what progress we are making in our ministry. The current situation and challenge we face is the greatest I have ever seen.