Classroom Rescue

Welcome to the “Our classroom’s rescue” web page.

Each participating class or school has its own code which you must record when making a donation.


Our Classroom’s rescue fund raising project is managed by Child Impact International. Child Impact is a fully supportive ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. Child Impact is active in 6 countries including India, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar, Sri Lanka & Papua New Guinea. Child Impact sponsors over 3,500 children in Adventist mission schools. It also funds a school for the blind & a school for the deaf in India. Child Impact also funds 4 orphanages also in India.

“Operation Child Rescue” is a project of Child Impact International (formerly Asian Aid USA) that is involved in the rescue of trafficked girls, abandoned babies & orphans in India.

“Our Classroom’s Rescue” is a fundraising program for schools to raise funds for 2 projects:

  1. Operation Child Rescue

Funds will help cover the costs of a special rescue home for trafficked girls in Bangalore, India.

  1. Needy Child Education.

Each class will have a specific child that will receive funding towards their education in an Adventist mission school.