First class of Speech and Hearing Challenged Graduates

First class of Speech and Hearing Challenged Graduates from our India school for the deaf school graduating from Lowry Adventist College.

It was a proud moment for all to witness the graduating ceremony of six of our children with speech and hearing challenges receiving their degrees (Bachelors of Commerce from Lowry Adventist College) in the presence of their college family, parents, relatives and friends on April 7, 2018.

Jacob Bhaggien, Principal of the Child Impact School for the deaf India and staff, said, “We are proud… When we started working with the deaf, we never knew what they are capable of achieving, but today I fully agree with Mr. King Jordan, former President of Gallaudet University, the only University for the Deaf in the world, that the ‘Deaf people can do anything except hear.’ Our children at Lowry Adventist College were on par with the rest of the students in every front and I was glad to see them being treated by their teachers and fellow students as an equal and not as ‘special students. To God be the glory and praise for what He has done with these precious children. I thank the leaders at Child Impact International and Lowry Adventist College for their support and willingness to accommodate these young people studying along with the other students with the kind support of Mr. Panicker as their interpreter.”

It is our prayer that many more special needs young people from around this country will be able to receive and experience fellowship, love and Christian Education at our centers of higher education.

CEO of Child Impact International Jim Rennie commented, “We are so proud of these children and the staff at the Hearing and Impaired School and look forward to sponsoring new children for the next school year.”

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