New Field Officer in Myanmar

As our first — and only — field officer in Myanmar, Ciin Zen’s job is to visit the schools where we have students, check in on the children, and update records. Ciin is based in the capital city Yangon and has to travel throughout Myanmar. Visiting some schools may take a long time and be very challenging.

Last week her report read, “I went to Myat Kyaw schools in Dawei and had to take cycle taxi and then walk to school for an hour because the road is not good due to heavy rain. It took me two days even though the students are very few in that school. Then I visited another school which took me another four days including traveling. I was not able to visit one school (Laypota Adventist Seminary) due to fighting and shooting between Myanmar government and the Karen group near the school. There were no phone connection in those school areas so I wasn’t able to update end of the week.”

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