Nurse Sponsorship Program

The initial program features a group of 40+ underprivileged nursing students at the Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute

Every sponsor will receive a framed photo and profile of their sponsored student, in addition to updates and letters from the student and a yearly report on their progress. Student sponsorship is $120 a month.

The funds are placed in a scholarship pool and equally distributed to all students within the program.

The Bangladesh Adventist Nursing lnstitute’s 3-year Diploma Program was approved by the Bangladesh Minister of Health on October 4, 2016, and by the Southern-Asia Pacific Division on November 2, 2016. The lnstitute’s Administration Building and both the Girls’ and Boys’ Dormitories were completed in November of 2016. Classes began with 32 nursing students in January of 2017.

Construction is in progress to provide adequate housing for nursing professors and dormitory extensions.

Mission Statement

Bangladesh Adventist Nursing lnstitute’s mission is to prepare professional nurses to meet the dynamic health care needs of individuals, families, and communities in Bangladesh. This is accomplished through an innovative, high quality educational program.

Bangladesh is a poverty-stricken country and most of the students come from impoverished rural areas. They are committed to this unique opportunity of obtaining a career, but they and their families simply dont have the funds. This also affects the Bangladesh Adventist Nursing lnstitute’s financial viability. Our sponsorship program is a unique way to directly impact this institution while supporting an underprivileged nursing student.

Disadvantaged nursing students need your support to become professional nurses.

Child Impact has identified this huge need at the Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute. The students come from poor families and struggle to pay their fees. This in turn has a negative impact on the institute’s financial viability.

  • Sponsorship benefits 40+ nurses.
  • Directly supports the Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute.
  • Sponsors receive updates and letters from their nursing student.

Individuals, families, doctors, medical centers, nurses, hospitals or any group can sponsor a nursing student. Businesses and organizations can use their sponsorship as a strong PR program to show how much they care.

Each sponsor will receive:

The profile of a nursing student in the program that contains information about them, their family and course study details.

Nursing student’s photo in a silver metal frame to display.

An annual academic report.

Two letters each year from the student.

Nursing Program Newsletter from Child Impact.

The sponsor will be able to communicate with their student
through Child Impact.

For information or to sponsor a nurse please call us (423) 910-0667

Sponsorship FAQs

Would I be able to donate directly to the scholarship outside of the sponsorship program?

Yes, you may donate to our “Nurse Sponsorship Fund.”

How much does sponsorship cost?

Monthly cost is $120.

How long is the sponsorship for?

It can be 3 years, 4 years, or the remainder of time to complete their course of study.

How is the sponsorship distributed?

Funds are placed a scholarship pool to equally support all students within the program.

What type of payment method do you accept?

Credit card or check.

Do you offer a payment plan?

Yes, we have monthly ($120), 6 months ($720), or annually ($1440) [preferred].

Would I be able to donate directly to the scholarship outside of the sponsorship program?

Yes, you may donate to our “Nurse Sponsorship Fund.”

What if I want to cancel my sponsorship?

You may cancel at any time.

Are my payments tax deductible?

Yes, Child Impact International is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

What if a student fails or leaves?

Because sponsorship funds are equally shared among the 40+ students in the group, if your sponsored student drops out, you will be advised and given the choice to sponsor another student or cancel your sponsorship.

How much of my donation is used for administrative costs?

The “Nurse Scholarship Fund” is a restricted fund where only 15% is used by Child Impact for managing and promoting the program.

How are funds sent to Bangladesh?

Funds are remitted directly to our Bangladesh partner who in turn remits directly to the Bangladesh Adventist Nursing Institute.

How are the funds regulated?

All Bangladesh financial regulations are met and credits to student accounts are audited yearly by Child Impact International.