Operation Child Rescue

Operation Child Rescue

Child Impact is fighting against the exploitation of children through a strong network of partner organizations.

Our desire is to prevent these tragedies from happening in the future while presently serving those whose vulnerabilities are being exploited. Our projects address human trafficking, baby abandonment, slave labor, brothels, forced begging, refugees, female genital mutilation rescue and recovery, gang recruitment prevention, child brides, and domestic violence.



Matariah Adventist Sudanese School was founded in 2003 with less than 50 students as a church run school. Following the war that broke out in South Sudan in 2013, South Sudan refugees fled to all neighboring countries. Due to continued economic crisis South Sudanese refuges kept moving desperately seeking for a stable economic country. Many refugees fled to Egypt after the Egyptian government granted visa-free movement. If the students are not in school, they are at high risk for joining gangs. 


Suleiman Bayu was injured in a freak accident when he was seven. He survived with a broken leg, but his crushed right hand never regained use and became a reminder of that accident throughout his life. Tragically, three years later he lost his family due to famine. As an adult, he has channeled the passion he has for children who have experienced loss and challenges through starting a new school and orphanage called “New Hope.”

It provides basic necessities and increased learning outcomes for orphans, children with disabilities, and children of impoverished single moms by making financial and material resources available. Today New Hope cares for nearly 100 orphans and educates more than 700 children. Traffickers may target individuals with disabilities because of the social discrimination and prejudice they face. We are grateful that all children, especially those with disabilities, have a safe place to live and learn at New Hope.


Child Impact is very excited to announce our most recent project! Through a partnership with VIDA Internacional in Honduras, at-risk children are able to pursue education. Located in Cedros, Honduras, this school provides bilingual education to underprivileged children, which is typically only available for the wealthiest families.  In pursuit of better living conditions, many fathers attempt to find work in the United States. With no father to defend them, the children are at-risk of being abused, sometimes at the hands of extended family members who are aware of their vulnerability. In order to find some sense of safety and protection, some children join gangs. Through Operation Child Rescue, children who come from these backgrounds are being supported to attend the school. A school counselor is available to talk through their experiences and help prepare them for a brighter future. 


  • Freedom Project – Baby rescue, forced begging rings, slave labor, brothels, vulnerable children of sex industry workers, vocational training 
  • Vizag Preschool – Trafficking prevention 
  • Sunrise Home – Vulnerable orphan rescue.


The Olmalaika Trust – Seeking to end female genital mutilation, forced marriage, enable healing, and create opportunities for self-sufficiency. FGM is almost always done to girls against their will and commonly as a step to prepare these girls to be married. Child marriage is considered to be one of the forms of human trafficking because there is usually an exchange of goods or money in exchange for a girl who has little or no say in the arrangement. 

Papua New Guinea

Operation Food for Life – Serving the most vulnerable and poor, they are providing holistic care, bringing dignity and hope to the poor, the forgotten and the disadvantaged.


Palawan Literacy School – Child impact is directly involved in helping prevent child marriage through the support of a jungle school in the Palawan highlands. Previously, children of this village were left without viable education options due to the distance from the lowlands and their family obligations to help during the harvest season. Village children grew up illiterate and for survival, most girls married at young ages, many times to much older men. 


  • Falco’s Children Village – Of the 42 million people in Tanzania, 2.5 million are orphans under the age of 15. Through Falco’s Children Village, these orphaned children will find safety, love, a sense of belonging, and a brighter future. They will have a wide variety of educational, vocational, and recreational experiences to help them each grow individually and be ready for adulthood.
  • Cradle of Love – They are a safe environment where the babies will receive proper nutrition, medical care, as well as all the love and attention they deserve. This baby rescue provides hope to abandoned babies and those whose families cannot provide the nutrition and healthcare to sustain them.


UNICEF reported that 83% of women who cross the Ukraine border bring children with them. Men between the ages of 18-60 are required to stay behind to defend their country. Some people genuinely offer to help and others take advantage of the desperation of these refugees by trafficking them. Project Safe Passage was started as a response to this risk. We work with local contacts who arrange for women and children to be safely transported to Germany and Austria where they receive a warm welcome as they find more long-term housing. 


Riverside Farm Institute – Trafficking and sexual exploitation endanger the lives of thousands of girls living in rural communities near Riverside. Through education at this boarding school, all their needs are provided. They do not have to fight to survive and they are free to pursue their educational dreams.