Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Child Impact is committed to respecting the privacy of all Donors and Sponsors.

Mailing Lists

Child Impact has a strict policy never to share, sell, rent, lease or otherwise make available its mailing list. The Child Impact mailing list is maintained only to assist our work.

Sharing of Information

Unless permission is granted by the donor or sponsor, or in situations required by law, Child Impact will only share personal information with partner agencies that are acting on our behalf. These agencies, including those located in other countries, are governed by our privacy policies through Partnership Framework Agreements.

Collection and Use of Information

We will only collect personal information necessary to: receive and receipt donations; keep donors informed; communicate well; fundraise; and better understand our donors. To do this we may need to keep records of:

  • Name and address
  • Telephone number or email address
  • Credit Card Details where direct deductions have been duly authorized
  • Bank Account Details where direct deductions have been duly authorized
  • Name and details of a group sponsorship

From time to time we may seek personal information to help us understand the needs of our supporters and their demographics. This information is not shared with other organizations. For example, we may ask you your age or occupation.

Advice to Sponsors and Donors

Donors and sponsors are to be advised about the collection and use of their personal information on initial contact where this is possible.
Removal From Mailing List
Donors and sponsors can have their names removed from the mailing list. This can be done in writing or on verbal advice as long as a proof of identity check has been completed or staff know the donor/sponsor personally and are sure they are speaking to the person concerned.

Our Record Keeping

Child Impact has a commitment to keeping the personal information it handles safe both when in use and on disposal. Staff access is limited to a “need to know basis”. Credit card information is stored securely and access is limited to the Executive Manager and Administrative Secretary.

General Information

Personal information will not be released to a third party unless Child Impact has the authorization to release information in writing and staff is convinced of its authenticity. In rare cases, a person may be operating on an Enduring Power of Attorney for a sponsor or donor however this is to be sighted by Child Impact staff before the release of information.

Staff will conduct a proof of identity check before discussing personal information with a Donor or Sponsor unless that person is personally known to them through their previous association with the organization.

In situations where a caller fails to pass the check, Child Impact staff must decline to provide information about the Sponsor/Donor and advise the person to put their request in writing.

Sharing Information Between Sponsors and Children

Child Impact’s child protection and privacy policies do not allow us to exchange personal details and addresses between sponsors and recipients. In situations where an address has been included on a letter or parcel, Child Impact’s partner agency will remove the address before forwarding the material on to the sponsored child.

Letters from sponsored children to the sponsor will be forward through Child Impact’s partner agency to the Child Impact office in Collegedale, Tennessee for forwarding to the sponsor.

Accessing Information and Lodging a Complaint

Donors and sponsors have the right to access all personal information about them that is held by us. We can verbally supply information or send it by mail. In the case of a complaint we ask that you telephone, email or fax us as soon as possible. We will respond as soon as possible.

Our Promise To You

Child Impact is committed to being open and transparent so will answer all enquiries about the handling of information in a prompt manner. We will strive to maintain correct, accurate and up-to-date records in a way that protects the privacy of all sponsors, donors and recipients.