Where Needed Most

Child Impact operates an “Urgent Needs/Where Needed Most” fund which is used for special needs and operation of the organization. We have a team of Indian staff, located in Bangalore India, who check the 130 schools where Child Impact sponsors children. This fund also is used to help operate our USA office, fulfill small special requests and emergency needs, and provide for any costs of running and marketing the organization. This fund needs regular support for the smooth operation of Child Impact.


Child Impact fully supports four orphanages in India. These children, many with heartbreaking stories, are fully dependent on Child Impact’s support for their daily needs. Child Impact is completing the new Sunrise Home and plans to extend and improve two other Indian orphanages to give over 150 orphans a new home.

Operation Child Rescue

Operation Child Rescue has two main components: anti-trafficking and baby rescue. Anti-trafficking – Child Impact partners with a Christian organization in India that works in close cooperation with police and the government to rescue children. The Anti-Human Trafficking Project has three main phases of operation: Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Prevention. The project works with local authorities in the rescue of trafficked and exploited women and children, it provides the aftercare, counseling, and training as well as working with the local communities and rural at-risk communities to prevent women and children from being trafficked. Baby Rescue – Child Impact has partnered with the Ashram Trust, an Adventist run orphanage and child adoption center in Hosur, India. The rescue center’s key roles are to save the lives of the rejected babies and provide them adoption in India or place them in a safe, home environment in an orphanage.

Education Development

The Educational Development project assists specific Adventist schools in India in: Management and planning, Staff training and curriculum development, New staff incentives for graduates, Industry and agriculture development, Deans and pastoral staff, School resources, Building improvement, and School reputation and image improvement

Blind School

Located in the countryside just outside Bobbili, India, the Asian Aid School for the Blind has over 160 fully or partially blind boarding students. This school provides the students with Braille books, special learning equipment, and for their personal needs. These special needs children need urgent support.

Deaf School

The Kollegal School for the Hearing and Speech Impaired in India has three urgent needs: the need for a new dormitory to accommodate up to one hundred boys, the need for the introduction of a new vocational course and the need for in-service teacher training in the latest methodologies for teaching special-needs children. This Improvement Project aims to address these needs by raising the necessary funds. More than one-hundred children are taught sign language along with other school subjects, and older children are also taught basic vocational skills, such as tailoring at the school.

Slum Schools & Projects

The Vizak Slum School is a school situated in the heart of one of the worst slums to children of local prostitutes and extremely poor, destitute families. It serves to up to 100 children, over 50% of which would never have the hope of any education. Other community programs it provides are education for the parents and food and clothing for the children.
Recently, Child Impact finished a complete remodel of the school. Improvements included: securing the school with grills and new walls, renovation of classrooms and kitchen, better water supply, and additional classroom space.
The Slum School Project fund helps these special children and allows Child Impact to fund new slum projects.

Unsponsored Child

This funding resource for children enables children to receive support even if a sponsor withdraws, allows schools to accept new students at the beginning of the year, enables urgent need students to start at any time, provides Child Impact a pool of students for new sponsorships, and ensures a wider base of child support.

Nepal Health Project

The Women’s Health Program in Nepal aims to raise awareness, help prevent and cure the incidences of uterine prolapse (UP) among the rural, poor women of Central and Western districts of Nepal, with the view of improving their health and increasing their life expectancy. Research suggests that little is done in educating women on how to prevent various health risks. This project aims to fill this gap by funding the development and implementation of an awareness and training campaign involving local people and other organizations.

Hungry Money

Hungry Money provides monthly support for meals to the poorest of the poor in India.

Gift Fund

Each year Child Impact gives a gift to each child. Any contribution to the gift fund helps fund these important gifts that the children love to receive.
Thank you for donating to the gift fund.
Sponsors child specific gift.
Sponsors can also send a specific gift for their child. To do this you need the order form or you should call Child Impact (423) 910-0667.

To donate to Operation Food for Life please call our office.