Sponsorship Zambia

Sponsor a Child in Zambia for just $25 per month

Child Impact is expanding its sponsorship program to needy children in Zambia. It is partnering with Adventist ministry, Riverside Farm Institute, who is opening a new day school on the Riverside property. In that area there are very poor families struggling to educate their children. This partnership is well suited to Child Impact’s sponsorship program as Riverside Farm Institute provides a new mission school environment.

Children at Riverside farm mission school are day students at the rate of $25 per month. This covers education, daily lunch and a uniform. If you don’t wish to sponsor a child you can contribute to the Child Impact ‘Unsponsored Child Fund‘ to support the many children who don’t have sponsors.

You can IMPACT a Zambian needy child’s life for just $25 month or donate to our ‘Unsponsored Child Fund’

To sponsor a Zambian Child please call us at 423-910-0667

About Riverside Farm Institute

Child Impact has partnered with a new school at Riverside Farm Institute in Zambia. Riverside Farm Institute is an Adventist ministry dedicated to education, health, and farming. Riverside boasts a beautiful campus and farm of over 1200 hectares along the Kafue River in Zambia.

The campus includes housing, classrooms and industry facilities making it an ideal place for a quality school. Several courses are offered for adults as well as primary education for younger students. Riverside also provides wellness services including free dental care, a medical clinic and courses for lifestyle counselors. Bananas, wheat and soy are grown on the farm, thus providing a training ground as well as reducing the cost of education.

Your child receives:

  • Full day school education
  • Uniform
  • You introduce them to Jesus