Rice Bangladesh


Last year we had a special rice appeal following the catastrophic Bangladesh flooding in 2017. We are repeating the appeal as foods costs have remained high and Adventist mission schools are still struggling with costs. Because of high food costs, non-sponsored children’s parents are having trouble paying fees, leaving Mission schools unable to purchase food and incurring debt. The threat of closure is still real. Your gift to the “HUNGRY MONEY” fund will provide rice & vegetables ensuring food for the children and critical financial relief for the school! The Adventist schools in Bangladesh (with over 9,000 students) are the key outreach for the church in Bangladesh. PLEASE HELP!


Catastrophic floods & continuing high food costs for mission schools in Bangladesh!

Supporting this appeal will achieve two goals:

• Children will be fed and receive sufficient nourishment
• Adventist mission schools will get financial relief and avoid closure

Providing rice and vegetables for daily meals will mean children won’t  go hungry and schools won’t face closure. With 9,500 children attending more than 80 Adventist mission schools, mostly in poor rural areas. Education is critical to the evangelistic outreach in Bangladesh.

Help us provide 5000 bags of rice to feed the hungry children (each bag feeds 105 children 1 meal). Each bag is $35. Help now with 1, 2, 5, 10, 50 or 100 bags or just donate any amount. Help these kids! 

Note: Rice and vegetable costs vary by area. $38 appeal will cover rice, vegetables and transport to Adventist mission schools in Bangladesh. Meal calculation is based on average consumption which may vary by child age & school demographic.

Successful rice delivery 2018


Adventist mission schools in Bangladesh are struggling financially due to high food prices after devastating floods over one year ago. The Child Impact rice appeal last year had an immediate impact. It ensured that the children had food and helped the schools financially. Child Impact CEO, Jim Rennie commented, “I have never seen schools so grateful for any support. Many Principals held my hand tight and some with tears thanked me. We purchase the rice direct to ensure best purchase costs and giving this is more effective than cash, which can be wasted, we need to help again!”

Child Impact is repeating this special rice appeal. Can you please help?