Rice Bangladesh


Following huge and devastating floods in Bangladesh, food is very expensive. Mission Schools are struggling with high costs to feed children properly. The cost is impacting the schools financially. This appeal will benefit the Adventist mission schools financially and improve the diet of the children. Please help us help them!


Situated between India and Myanmar, with a population of 106 million people, Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world.

Over 24% of the people live below the poverty line. (Nearly a quarter of the people live in poverty.)

A massively devastating flood hit Bangladesh in 2017 affecting over 8 million people. The flood wiped out rice crops pushing the cost of this staple food and vegetables to as much as three times higher than usual. Needy rural families are struggling to feed their families, and Adventist mission schools are facing massive financial losses as they attempt to feed the children.

Day schools are under pressure to feed lunch to the students since their parents can’t afford to feed them at home. Boarding schools can’t provide adequate meals to feed their students either, as cash reserves at these schools are gone, resulting in a desperate situation. Many schools are out of cash and may need to close.
The children at these schools need your help!

Your gift to the “Hungry Money” fund will achieve two goals:

  • Children will be fed and receive sufficient nourishment

  • Adventist mission schools will get financial relief and avoid closure

Providing resources to purchase rice and vegetables for daily meals will mean children won’t go hungry and schools won’t face closure by diverting operating funds to buy food.

With 9,500 children attending more than 120 Adventist mission schools, mostly in underserved rural areas, education is critical to the evangelistic outreach in Bangladesh.

Help us provide 5,000 (110 lb) bags of rice to feed the hungry children. Each bag is $35 and will feed 105 children one meal.

Note: Rice and vegetable costs vary by area. $38 appeal will cover rice, vegetables and transport to Adventist mission schools in Bangladesh. Meal calculation is based on average consumption which may vary by child age & school demographic.