Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it does. Each child personally experiences the love of Jesus Christ through sponsors who care enough to place them in a school. Child sponsorship impacts individual children personally and empowers them to rise above the insidious grasp of poverty. It also builds the church’s capacity to meet the needs of the poor.

We only sponsor children in a Christian setting and all of them are sponsored within Adventist schools and institutions. Because sponsorship pays for teachers, buildings and classroom resources, it improves the capacity of the church to meet the educational needs of local communities.

All children are carefully selected and prioritized according to their individual circumstances. Priority is given to deaf, blind and orphan children, or those who come from extremely poor or needy families. Where possible our project officers interview each child’s family and submit the child’s photo and details for our approval. Religion, ethnicity and gender do not affect our selection process.

$25 per month

– Day Student

$32 per month

– Day Student plus meal

$38 per month

– Boarding Student

$48 per month

– Boarding Student Plus: Orphan, deaf, blind or college student

$19 per month

– ChildAssist: A cost-effective sponsorship program where two sponsors contribute equally to meet the needs of a boarding student

We do not send money or gifts directly to children or their families however many sponsors choose to make a small, annual donation to the Gift Fund of $10-$15. This Fund ensures that each child will receive an annual Christmas present of clothing or other school necessities. Sponsors also have the option of sending small gifts directly to our country offices and we advise sending something the child can share with others. Unfortunately we cannot pass on gifts sent directly to our office.

Your sponsored child would love a letter or postcard. Just be sensitive in what you write and mail all letters directly to our country offices. Avoid criticizing children’s religion, culture or their national political system and be wary of describing your holidays, possessions or other information that might be difficult for a poor child to comprehend.

Sponsors should always write their child’s ID number on correspondence or parcels and mail to the address below. Please note that these are the offices which receive the mail and do not necessarily reflect the school your child attends. Any sponsorship payments should be sent to our US office address.

If your child is sponsored in India write to:

Child’s name and ID
c/o Helping Hand Welfare Society
PO Box 4311
Kalyan Nagar Post
Bangalore 560 043

If your child is sponsored in Bangladesh write to:

Child’s name and ID
c/o BCSS
GPO Box 80, Dhaka 1000

If your child is sponsored in Sri Lanka write to:

Child’s name and ID
c/o Lakpahana Adventist College
Mailapitiya, Kandy
Sri Lanka

If your child is sponsored in Myanmar write to:

Child’s name and ID
PO Box 763
Ooltewah, TN 37363

If your child is sponsored in Nepal (except 3 Angels and ESA school students) write to:

Child’s name and ID
PO Box 10279, Kathmandu

If your child is sponsored in Nepal (attending 3 Angels school) write to:

Child’s name and ID
c/o 3 Angels Nepal
PO Box 268
POKHRA Kaski District

If your child is sponsored in Nepal (attending ESA school) write to:

Child’s name and ID
c/o ESA Memorial School
PO Box 21076

The best method for us is the one that suits you most. However, the most cost-effective method of payment for us is a yearly check or credit card payment. We can assist you if you would like to arrange your own direct deposit and all payment can be made monthly, quarterly or yearly. You can also pay by money order however we ask that you do not send cash by mail.

All donations are USA tax-deductible and receipted. You receive the receipt at the end of the tax year unless you request otherwise.

Visiting the child you sponsor can be a wonderful experience however we ask that all visitations are cleared with us prior to your departure. Our child protection policy requires that all visits are supervised by a field worker or staff member from the school. Because of our limited resources, any costs incurred in having the field worker present need to be covered by the sponsor.

Sponsors should receive a letter from each sponsored child twice yearly and an annual school report. Many children receive help in writing their letters because they are so young however our adult translators/writers use the children’s words as much as possible.

If you need to cease sponsorship call us and we can cover your payments for 8 weeks. If you are still unable to pay we will organize for the sponsorship to continue so that the child will not be harmed. This usually means that we find another sponsor to take over.

Child Impact International seeks to empower believers in Jesus to meet the needs of the poor. We cooperate closely with church leadership to achieve this goal. More than 90% of Child Impact International sponsored children are in Adventist schools.

Child Impact International USA’s overhead expenses are capped at up to 15% of donations