Sunshine Home digs for water

Sunshine Home, located in Bangalore, India, provides housing to more than 80 orphans and rescued children. Their water supply has always been a difficult challenge and the cost of water delivery has now become very expensive. There is a short supply of water in the city of Bangalore. 

In recent months the water table has dropped and Sunshine’s water well dried up. They had limited funds for a new deeper well, so Child Impact stepped in to help fund the new well. The drill arrived on Monday and drilling started on Tuesday. After drilling and everyone praying for water, they were blessed with a 3-inch water flow. It was a successful task that produced a new deeper well and much needed water. 

Bangalore India Sunshine Home digging water well

Sunshine home is located on a property shared by a large Adventist Day School, a Child Impact office, and a small farm. It was the first orphanage in India that was established by co-founder Helen Eager and Mrs. Dorothy Watts – the wife of Pastor Watts who was the division President at that time.

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The Child Impact International board is very excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Tom Evans as the new CEO. Dr. Tom L. Evans is excited to join the team at Child Impact International as CEO beginning in August. Tom states, “God has called each of us to make a difference in this world. Investing in a child can change the trajectory of their entire life. Child Impact delivers hope and a brighter future.” Tom would like to affirm the visionary leadership of the current CEO, Jim Rennie, and the Child Impact team, along with the board of directors. As he prepares to assume leadership responsibilities beginning in August, please lift their family and the growing and life-changing ministry of Child Impact International in prayer.