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Our objective is $590,000. We have raised $550,000 to date and need $40,000 more for this appeal.


Hi! I’m from Bangladesh and my school is Kellogg-Mookerjee Memorial Seminary, also called KMMS. My dad died 2 years ago and my mom struggles to find work in the fields. The Pastor told her about this school and we are very happy that I can come here. It scared me when 2 girls were trafficked from my village last year. But in this school, I feel safe. I’m fed, and I can get an education with a future. We badly need a new building! I am thankful for people like you who care — even when you are far away.

We love this school, but we didn’t feel safe in the old building. It was really dangerous. Our friend was hit by falling concrete. We were excited to see it pulled down and surprised how quickly they did it.

Our new building will have classrooms, a science lab (I love science), library and offices. A pre-school will be at the front for younger kids, and will help bring in extra money for the school. We can hardly wait for this to happen!

Here is all the info stuff.

Did you know that Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries in the world?

I live in a rural area where many people work on farms for low wages. The name of my school is Kellogg-Mookerjee Memorial Seminary. It is a key Adventist mission school in Bangladesh. We have over 450 children in the school and more than 50 of them are orphans. We all come from poor families who are mostly urban farm laborers. I have many friends at my school.

The main building was over 40 years old and was condemned because it was badly built and very dangerous. It finally got pulled down. Child Impact started construction of a new building. When finished, the school will give us a great education and help attract new students. The new building will have eight classrooms, a library, a science lab, Admin offices, and a new pre-school that will attract many paying students. This is needed income.

This new building will change the lives of all of us who come from very poor families. I have met Jesus at this school. I get an education and regular meals. I thank Child Impact for sponsoring me.

I am blessed to be here and thank you for making it possible.

Here is the part where we need your help. Please!

Our objective is $590,000. We have raised $550,000 to date and need $40,000 more for this appeal.


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The Child Impact International board is very excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Tom Evans as the new CEO. Dr. Tom L. Evans is excited to join the team at Child Impact International as CEO beginning in August. Tom states, “God has called each of us to make a difference in this world. Investing in a child can change the trajectory of their entire life. Child Impact delivers hope and a brighter future.” Tom would like to affirm the visionary leadership of the current CEO, Jim Rennie, and the Child Impact team, along with the board of directors. As he prepares to assume leadership responsibilities beginning in August, please lift their family and the growing and life-changing ministry of Child Impact International in prayer.