Blessing Sintalongo – U60505

Blessing Sintalongo – U60505

Country: Zambia
Age: 11
Grade: 5

Blessing comes from a large family. Blessing’s father passed away several years ago, leading to many hardships for their family. Her mother is the only provider, working on the roadside selling bottled water as well as washing clothes for the people of the village. Her eldest sister who would always help Blessing’s mother with her work has recently become ill. Blessing’s mother carries on, yet struggles to provide for her whole family.
Blessing is a very outgoing and friendly little girl. She loves going to school and especially enjoys her math class. Some of her favorite pass times include playing netball and making dolls out of the soil. She is very respectful of her elders and always willing to help. At home, she helps with sweeping the yard, washing dishes, and even cooking. Apples are her favorite fruit.


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