Blind, Deaf, and Orphans

School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

Special needs children are mainly from poor rural areas who would have no hope of a special education and would be left in their villages performing menial tasks, with some even locked up or chained to keep them from wandering or getting hurt. 

Located in a rural setting in Bobbili Andhra Pradesh India, the School for the Blind is fully funded by Child Impact International and operated by the Adventist church. Child Impact works with the church to develop specially-trained teachers and assist with providing the latest technology for sight-impaired children. Continued financial support provides the ability to serve the blind and visually-impaired children who would otherwise be without hope of receiving an education.

School for the Speech & Hearing Impaired school for the hearing impaired

Deaf children often experience prejudice, discrimination, and fewer opportunities. Special needs children at the Kollegal School for Speech and Hearing Impaired in Kollegal, Karnataka India, are mainly from poor rural areas where they would have no hope of a special education. The school is a full boarding school with one hundred students that is fully funded by Child Impact International and is operated by the Adventist church. 

Children are taught sign language and other school subjects while older students are taught basic vocational skills such as tailoring. The school boasts a strong curriculum, caring and professional teachers, a budding vocational program, well-constructed buildings and surrounding vegetable gardens. Kollegal’s strong management and sign-language-trained staff deliver a special-needs education that is Christian based. 

Your donations make it possible to continue serving the speech and hearing-impaired children who would otherwise be without hope of receiving an education, life-skills, and vocational training.

Sunrise Children’s Home in Bobbili India Sunrise Home orphans

There are over 300 orphans at orphanages in India and Bangladesh that are supported by Child Impact. The demand for orphan support is high and Child Impact is working with the church to face the challenges of these homes. These children, many with heartbreaking stories, are fully dependent on Child Impact’s support for their daily needs. The urgent needs of the orphaned children are met through funding that makes it possible for them to live with the love of a new family, the love of Jesus, and have the security of a home.

Sunrise Children Home started with three children in a rental building in 2001 and has grown into a home to over 110 children who all come from orphaned or semi-orphaned families. More than ten years ago, Sunrise home was blessed with its own peaceful location in Bobbili India that is situated on 10+ acres of agricultural land. This property produces food, educates the children in basic agriculture, and generates income. The home is fully government licensed, and is carefully working with government agencies regarding orphaned children.