Blind School India

Bobbili Andhra Pradesh India

The Child Impact School for the Blind is located in a rural setting in Bobbili Andhra Pradesh India, is fully funded by Child Impact International and operated by the Adventist church. Its special needs children are mainly from poor rural areas who would have no hope of a special education. They would be left in their villages performing menial tasks, and some even locked up or chained to keep them from wandering or getting hurt. This school gives the special-needs child an education and hope to their families.

The School for the Blind is a full boarding school with over 110 students. Child Impact works with the church to develop specially trained teachers and assist with providing the latest technology for sight-impaired children. Financial support for these students is a constant need.

Your donations provide this unique school with the ability to continue serving the blind and visually-impaired children who would otherwise be without the hope of receiving an education. Sponsor a blind child or make a donation to the Blind School fund.

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