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Karnataka India

Kollegal School for Speech and Hearing Impaired is located in a rural setting just outside the town of Kollegal, in the Chamarajanagara District, Karnataka India. Fully funded by Child Impact International and operated by the Adventist church, Kollegal is a full boarding school with one hundred students.

Although deafness is quite common in the area due to cultural practices of marrying within the family, it is still poorly understood, and deaf children often experience prejudice, discrimination, and fewer opportunities. The school’s special needs children are mainly from poor rural areas who would have no hope of a special education.

More than one hundred children are taught sign language and other school subjects while older children are additionally taught basic vocational skills, such as tailoring. The school boasts a strong curriculum, caring and professional teachers, a budding vocational program, well-constructed buildings and surrounding vegetable gardens. Kollegal’s strong management and sign-language-trained staff deliver a special-needs education that is Christian based.

Kollegal urgently needs a new dormitory building to accommodate the boys who are currently housed in the main building, which does not meet government housing requirements.

Your donations provide this unique school with the ability to continue serving the speech and hearing-impaired children who would otherwise be without hope of receiving an education, life-skills, and vocational training. Sponsor a speech and hearing-impaired child or make a donation to the Deaf School fund.

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