Emergency Fund

At Child Impact International, we are committed to meeting the needs of children and providing them with hope for a better tomorrow, especially in the aftermath of catastrophic events. With your support, we have been able to respond quickly to help vulnerable children caught in desperate circumstances, such as those affected by the Ukraine refugee crisis and devastating floods in Bangladesh.

Your donation to our Emergency Fund will help Child Impact International address arising emergency needs.

Ukraine Refugee Crisis

We worked alongside our partner organizations on the front lines of the Ukraine crisis. We led several trips per week to deliver food to the border and offered safe transportation for refugees who wanted to evacuate.

Your donations directly impacted the amount of food we were able to send and increased our capacity to evacuate individuals. We offered temporary housing, food, and shelter while more permanent solutions were identified.

Devastating Flood Tears Through Bangladesh
Leaving a Path of Destruction and Desperation

Child Impact’s country contact, Shohag Boidya, reported thousands of people had lost their homes and farms due to recent severe flooding in Bangladesh. According to Shohag, “People were not receiving any help. They had no shelter, no food, no belongings, and were in desperate need. Everything had been washed away by the flood waters. Please share your support. We need food, supplies, commodities, school repairs and maintenance, and more.”

Due to extreme poverty and the economic impact of COVID, Bangladesh had already been experiencing a significant crisis. This had now been compounded by severe flooding. Child Impact International provided support to the children and families affected by these catastrophic events through our Emergency Fund.