Janelle Alder Nursing Scholarship

Honoring – Janelle Alder

Empower the Next Generation of Missionary Nurses

One missionary who will never be forgotten is Janelle Alder. While she was a student at Southern Adventist University, and after becoming a registered nurse, she dedicated a year of service in Palwan. When her term was completed, she returned to serve with Philippine Adventist Medical and Aviation Services (PAMAS) as a nurse.

Janelle regularly provided medical care for the children in the Palawan jungle schools. She met the medical needs of the community whenever she could. Her team recalls that she always helped those who needed it most. Part of her missionary role was to serve on the aviation medical evacuation team and also make house calls. Janelle provided extra support and care to help patients overcome their fears of flying and feel more at ease.

On March 1, 2023, she was assisting with a medical evacuation when the helicopter she was flying in never reached its intended destination. Despite the extensive efforts of several search and rescue crews, the helicopter and the five missing passengers have not been found (as of May 25).

To honor Janelle’s incredible dedication and passion for the vulnerable, Child Impact has initiated the Janelle Alder Nursing Scholarship to empower the next generation of future nurses who are dedicated to filling her shoes. Palawano students who will return to Palawan to serve the local people, as Janelle did, can apply for this scholarship. The average cost for a four-year nursing program in the Philippines is about $10,000.

It’s inspiring to see the impact that Janelle has had on the community and the positive legacy she is leaving behind. We hope to offer many children the opportunity to pursue this life-changing career and give back to their local communities.

By Rosebud Cruse, Administrative Assistant of PAMAS, and Sean Knapp, Director of PAMAS

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