Operation Child Rescue


The Child Impact “Operation Child Rescue” fund directly impacts those who are trafficked, exploited, and abandoned. There is a continual urgent need to financially support this fund.

Traffickers exploit children who are destitute, helpless, and many times homeless. Exploitation of children covers many types of trafficking that includes child labor, prostitution, pornography, begging, mafia-controlled begging, drug peddling, and organ transplants. Such exploitation is on a scale that is hard to comprehend with estimations indicating more than 1.2 million children in India alone, are caught up in human trafficking as child prostitutes.

Child Impact partners with a Christian organization in India that works in close cooperation with police, the government, local authorities, local and rural at-risk communities, to rescue trafficked and exploited children and women and to prevent them from being trafficked. The Anti-Human Trafficking Project has three main phases of operation: Rescue, Rehabilitation, and Prevention. It provides the necessary aftercare, counseling and training to those rescued.

Azadi Home

Rescuing women and children from slavery is paramount. However, the rehabilitative care provided by the government is inadequate. With the full support of the government, Child Impact funds the Azadi Home in Bangalore India, a rescue home that is a haven for girls who have been rescued and are struggling to find and secure a better future. The key project for Operation Child Rescue is the Azadi Home.

Baby Rescue

The black market for selling children is real and active. Officials continue to take abandoned babies and orphaned children to Ashram almost on a weekly basis. As part of its Operation Child Rescue program, Child Impact has partnered with the Ashram Trust, an Adventist run orphanage and child adoption center in Hosur, India. The center’s key roles are to save the lives of rejected babies and then place them into a safe home environment at an orphanage, or with an adoptive family in India.

Suggested: $25.00

Suggested: $25.00

Minimum donation: $0.00

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Press Release

The Child Impact International board is very excited to announce the appointment of Dr. Tom Evans as the new CEO. Dr. Tom L. Evans is excited to join the team at Child Impact International as CEO beginning in August. Tom states, “God has called each of us to make a difference in this world. Investing in a child can change the trajectory of their entire life. Child Impact delivers hope and a brighter future.” Tom would like to affirm the visionary leadership of the current CEO, Jim Rennie, and the Child Impact team, along with the board of directors. As he prepares to assume leadership responsibilities beginning in August, please lift their family and the growing and life-changing ministry of Child Impact International in prayer.

Zambia Building Project Appeal

A partnership between Child Impact and Riverside Farm will allow both organizations to meet the needs of the Zambia community. Up to 150 needy children will be able to be sponsored. Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $75,000. In addition, ASI has partnered with Child Impact to complete the project for the $150,000 needed.  Click to learn more.