Child Impact supports over 300 orphans at orphanages in India and Bangladesh. The demand for orphan support is high and Child Impact is working with the church to face the challenges of these homes. These children, many with heartbreaking stories, are fully dependent on Child Impact’s support for their daily needs. The urgent needs of the vulnerable orphaned children are met through the Orphanages fund. Supporting this fund ensures that these children can live with the love of a new family, the love of Jesus, and have the security of a home.

Sunrise home in Bobbili India

Born October, 2001, Sunrise Children Home started with three children in a rental building and has grown into a home to over 110 children who all come from orphaned or semi-orphaned families. More than ten years ago, Sunrise home was blessed with its own peaceful location in Bobbili India that is situated on 10+ acres of agricultural land. This property produces food, educates the children in basic agriculture, and generates income. The home is fully government licensed, and is carefully working with government agencies regarding orphaned children.

Sunrise home is a shining light for the children and Child Impact is proud of the staff and grateful to the donors who support this home.

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Recent News

Sunshine Home digs for water

In recent months the water table has dropped and Sunshine’s water well dried up. They had limited funds for a new deeper well, so Child Impact stepped in to help fund the new well. The drill arrived on Monday and drilling started on Tuesday. After drilling and everyone praying for water, they were blessed with a 3-inch water flow. It was a successful task that produced a new deeper well and much needed water.

Zambia Building Project Appeal

A partnership between Child Impact and Riverside Farm will allow both organizations to meet the needs of the Zambia community. Up to 150 needy children will be able to be sponsored. Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $75,000. In addition, ASI has partnered with Child Impact to complete the project for the $150,000 needed.  Click to learn more.