Rice and Health Appeal Expanded


This fund was originally the “Rice Appeal” that Child Impact does each year to support Adventist Mission boarding schools in Bangladesh, India, and Myanmar. Due to the Pandemic, it was extended to include hand soap and health education.

The Pandemic is now causing hardship at all levels. Schools do not have funds to pay teachers, therefor many teachers and pastors have not received pay for two months or more. Students are also struggling at home.


  • Ensure that all schools have 6 months of rice supply for when the children return to school. This will include soap and health education.
  • Where children are still at home, and its possible, assistance will be sent to students at home.
  • Distribute rice to all teachers in need and where funds allow, also provide to unpaid ministers.

Help us provide the necessary bags of rice to feed the hungry children, families, and ensure food for these mission schools when they open.

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