Suvo Hasda – U61924

Suvo Hasda – U61924

Country: Bangladesh
Age: 7
Grade: 3

Suvo dreams of becoming an engineer when he grows up and he aims to do well in his classes. He loves to learn about animals and birds, especially lions and peacocks. Suvo likes to spend his spare time drawing, studying the Bangla language and playing cricket with his friends. He comes from a poor family of five who are in great financial need. Since the family does not own land to grow and sell crops to make a living, the father is left to work as a rural day laborer which pays very little and does not guarantee work from day to day. Due to this difficult situation, Suvo’s family is unable to provide him with an education. With your help, Suvo’s story does not need to end at financial hardship. Will you give Suvo the gift of an education today? Thank you for your support!


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