Unsponsored Child


The Unsponsored Children fund is an excellent way to contribute directly to child sponsorship without a monthly commitment. All contributions to this fund have a direct benefit on hundreds of children who need an education, saves Child Impact critical operating funds, and ensures support for all the needy children in the program.

Child Impact International supports a constant pool of unsponsored children and the number of children in this fund varies daily. Students are accepted based on need and many are already enrolled in Adventist mission schools in India, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Bangladesh & Zambia. Once a child has been accepted by Child Impact, that child continues to receive support even when they no longer have someone specific to sponsor them.

The reasons that the Unsponsored Children fund is important for the child is that it:

  • Enables children to receive support even if a sponsor withdraws.
  • Allows schools to accept new students at the beginning of the year.
  • Enables urgent-need students to start at any time.
  • Provides Child Impact a pool of students for new sponsorships.
  • Ensures a wider base of child support.

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