Zambia Building Project

A new secondary school at Riverside Farm

Through this effective partnership, the completed project will allow the missions of Riverside Farm and Child Impact to flourish.

We seek your support for a unique mission school opportunity that will broaden Child Impact’s sponsorship program and expand the ministry of Riverside Farm, Zambia to those in need within their community. zambia project donate now

The Riverside Farm partnership with Child Impact International allows for a powerful venture between two well-established ministries. Riverside Farm provides a structured and well-managed school with an Adventist education program, while Child Impact provides poor children an education and a revenue stream for the school. This partnership will enable Riverside to widen their community outreach with a high standard Adventist mission school that is supported by Child Impact’s professional sponsorship program. Zambia smiling children

The School

Riverside Farm will manage the school based on the current primary school system. The Zambian government supports this project. The school will be a day school, will offer grades 8-12, will provide lunch and will be located 300 meters from the current primary school. Housing will be provided for the headmaster and the deputy headmaster. Because classes are by subject and not by grade, the approximate capacity for each class will be 40 students with two groups daily. The new secondary school will enable up to 150 sponsored needy children to continue their Adventist education past the primary level.

There is a strong need for education in Zambia to break the cycle of poverty.

To Complete the Project Riverside Farm Zambia building

ASI and Donor-donated one-day school buildings are on site and construction has started, the opening date is set for January 2022 or earlier. Funds are needed between February and March 2021 to start purchasing the materials and to complete the structures after the seasonal rains have stopped.

Child Impact has been asked to complete the whole project and furnish the school with furniture, educational material and resources. The cost to completion is $150,000.

The following is a list of project requirements that need to be accomplished to complete the school. This list does not include the optional science lab and practical arts building, which will be funded separately by Child Impact at an estimated cost of $22,000.

  • Ground Clearing
  • Road Clearing and Gravel
  • Well and Water Tank
  • Electric Poles and Cables
  • Construction and Slabs
  • Cafeteria Slab
  • Cafeteria Block Cement Work
  • Cafeteria Roof
  • Kitchen Electrical, Plumbing and Appliances
  • Doors and Windows
  • Landscape and Clean Up
  • 20 Dining Tables and Benches
  • 30 Assembly Hall Benches
  • 150 Desks
  • Shelving, Storage and Blackboards
  • 150 sets of Books
  • 2 Houses for Teachers

Why support Child Impact and Riverside Farm in this project?

  • Child Impact’s mission will be widened in Zambia.
  • More children will be sponsored by Child Impact at the primary school.
  • Over 250 poor children will be sponsored by Child Impact and given an Adventist education through grade 12.
  • Riverside Farm’s mission outreach will be expanded in Zambia.
  • This partnership will deliver a well-managed mission school.
  • Proven project management and construction by Riverside Farm and Alan Knowles.
  • Riverside and Child Impact guarantees costs with no cost overrun.
  • It is a fast-track project to opening, resulting in value for the donors funds because construction time is less than 12 months.

The total cost of the project is about $650,000. ASI has partnered with Child Impact to complete the project for the $150,000 needed. Your support is greatly needed for this investment opportunity to further establish Child Impact’s sponsorship program in Africa and meet the needs of the Riverside Farm community in Zambia. Zambia building project double donation

Suggested: $25.00

Suggested: $25.00

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Press Release

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Zambia Building Project Appeal

A partnership between Child Impact and Riverside Farm will allow both organizations to meet the needs of the Zambia community. Up to 150 needy children will be able to be sponsored. Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $75,000. In addition, ASI has partnered with Child Impact to complete the project for the $150,000 needed.  Click to learn more.